A cast stone hearth and cast stone surround are preferred by most of our cast stone mantel customers. They are available in several colors and in smooth or travertine cast stone. Some choose to contrast our cast stone mantels with granite, marble or tile hearths or surrounds, but the vast majority select a cast stone hearth and a cast stone surround.

We also offer raised cast stone hearths. Our experienced project managers will be glad to help you decide which hearth is right for your cast stone mantel.

A cast stone surround is the material from the outside edge of a firebox to the inside edge of a cast stone mantel shelf, mantel leg or cast stone hearth. As with all our cast stone mantel products, our cast stone surrounds are non-flammable.

Cast stone surround material is generally provided oversized and cut to fit on site. Our project managers will help you determine the size of cast stone surround right for your mantel.